I have a sick chinchilla.

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I have a sick chinchilla.

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One of my females, Qwerty (one of the originals, if you remember that thread from years ago) recently started exhibiting suspicious behavior within the last two days or so but none of it really put up a red flag until they all started becoming consistent.Her cheeks became puffier than usual and she's been drooling all over herself and her cage-mate for two days now. She rejected three kinds of treats from three different people (this is total blasphemy in the chin world - no one rejects a raisin for any reason!), so then I realized that she hasn't eaten for a few days either. She's one of my "rescues" who was abused from her previous owner, so she is very difficult to catch and hold (due to fear), however three of us managed to catch her and check out her teeth. Her front teeth look fine, but her back teeth could be cracked or malcclusion or something along those lines. The only problem is that her cheeks were so swollen that we couldn't see her back teeth at all.

Please help.

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Re: I have a sick chinchilla.

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Hello, there can be several reasons. The first problem with the back teeth is needed by a veterinarian. Anesthesia and x-rays, teeth are filed. The second problem is a wound in the mouth, a veterinarian is also needed and treated with a wound. and there may still be an allergy to some food. I do not speak English very well, I hope I wrote everything clearly. Good luck!

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